Short-term rental accommodation reform

The Western Australian Government is progressing initiatives to better manage short-term rental accommodation in Western Australia through changes to the State’s planning system and introduction of a state wide registration scheme.


In response to the 2019 Parliamentary inquiry Levelling the Playing Field: Managing the impact of the rapid increase of short-term rentals in Western Australia, the State Government committed to various initiatives to improve regulation of the short-term rental accommodation sector, including to:

  • investigate a registration scheme for short-term rental accommodation providers; and
  • develop a draft position statement for tourism, to update definitions for short-term rental accommodation and provide greater guidance for local governments to prepare their local planning strategies and schemes.

Short-term rental accommodation registration scheme

Under the registration system, providers of short-term rental accommodation within Western Australia will be required to register their property to operate and advertise, including on online booking platforms.

The aims of the short-term rental accommodation registration scheme are to:

  • assist the State and local governments obtain a better understanding of the short term accommodation sector in Western Australia leading to more informed policy and regulatory responses; and
  • provide the community with information about what short-term rental accommodation exists in their area.
  • ensure providers are aware of local laws and planning controls. 

The Short-Term Rental Accommodation Act 2024 was passed in April 2024 and the register will open 1 July 2024 with all STRA needing to be registered by 1 January 2025.

For queries relating to the registration scheme please contact Consumer Protection.

New planning policy and updates to planning regulations

The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH) is progressing a Position Statement for Tourism and Short-term Rental Accommodation, which will update definitions for short-term rental accommodation and provide greater guidance for local governments to prepare their local planning strategy and scheme.

The Position Statement will provide clear and consistent guidance on the definition and treatment of short-term rental accommodation to:

  • complement existing local planning frameworks;
  • encourage a consistent approach to managing and regulating short-term rental accommodation amongst local governments; and
  • provide greater clarity for short-term rental accommodation providers and the broader community.

The new planning policy aims to provide direction on how to better manage the land use impacts of tourim and STRA activities - particularly in residential areas.

Currently, planning regulations are being updated to include new land use definitions and exemptions for STRA. Following this, local planning schemes will be amended to reflect these changes. These updates will be implemented in conjunction with the state-wide STRA Register.

New definitions

New and amended tourism-related definitions will be included in the updated Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015. These will help to ensure consistency throughout Western Australia in relation to how STRA is defined within planning laws, regulations and other types of documents.

Further information relating to the Position Statement or related changes to the planning system and Frequently Asked Questions relating to the reforms can be found at DPLH’s website

For queries relating to the draft Position Statement or changes to the planning system, please email DPLH.

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