Terminal Gate Pricing

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Terminal operators must notify a “spot” price for each fuel type they sell in accordance with the Terminal Gate Price (TGP) formula stipulated in the Petroleum Products Pricing (Maximum Terminal Gate Price) Order 2013.

These prices then become the maximum price a spot purchaser can be charged for a spot purchase where delivery is taken at the terminal gate. The TGP does not include post terminal gate services such as delivery, branding and credit facilities etc.

Resellers (i.e. retailers and distributors) of fuel who wish to purchase on the spot market at these TGP should contact the respective terminal for details of availability and supply arrangements. Contact details and/website links for the various terminal operators are provided via FuelWatch.

The Petroleum Products Pricing Act 1983 (WA) governs purchases under the TGP. Accordingly, some conditions of sale stipulated by the companies may not apply.   Website links for the various terminal operators are provided below. 

TGP increases transparency in the wholesale fuel market - providing eligible retailers and distributors with comparative prices (between oil companies) allowing them to make informed decisions about their wholesale fuel purchases. As TGP are available daily on the FuelWatch website, consumers, retailers and distributors are able to see what the 'base' price of the different fuel products are at any time.

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