Safe Work Month

During October each year, WorkSafe asks PCBUs and workers to join us in raising work health and safety awareness for National Safe Work Month.

The theme for 2023 is “Our way forward: Prioritising healthy and safe workplaces”. This theme aligns with WorkSafe strategy 2023-25: The Way Forward.

WorkSafe is hoping to achieve more buy-in from work health and safety leaders and workers through participation in the range of safety events organised during October. Workplace safety involves getting everyone in the organisation to see the benefit of making good, informed decisions and in becoming more willing to look out for their fellow workers. It’s less about enforcement and more about engagement. The goal is to attempt to change an organisation’s culture with safety being the front of mind.

Safe Work Month 2023

WorkSafe is offering in person forums, with the option to join online, where you can access expert industry speakers with ideas and practical approaches to fortify your workplace.

Learn about our Safe Work Month forums


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