$20,000 penalty for dangerous electrical installation in Mandurah – Dale Eric Subke of Subke Pty Ltd, trading as Dalectrix

A Mandurah electrician has pleaded guilty to breaching electricity regulations by failing to install a crucial safety component at a building site, which could have resulted in a fatal electric shock.

Dale Eric Subke of Coodanup is a licensed electrician (EW159776) and a director of Subke Pty Ltd, trading as Dalectrix (EC9256).

On February 1, Mandurah Magistrates Court fined Mr Subke $4,500 and the company $15,000 for offences under the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991. They must also pay $881 in costs.

The court heard that Mr Subke, as an electrician, failed to install a multiple earthed neutral (MEN) connection in a builder’s temporary supply switchboard at a Wannanup property in 2017.

The MEN is an essential part of an installation’s safety system. Without it, an earth fault in the installation could result in all the earthed components – including the metallic main switchboard enclosure, pole and appliance enclosures – becoming ‘live’ and dangerous. A person who has contact with these components could receive a fatal electric shock.

Subke Pty Ltd, as an electrical contractor trading as Dalectrix, was also charged after certifying that the electrical work was checked and tested, safe and found to comply with the Regulations. However, the absence of an MEN connection meant the work was not completed in accordance with the Regulations and the installation was unsafe.

Director of Energy Safety Ken Bowron welcomed the penalty imposed by the court.

“This is a significant fine that reflects the seriousness of the missing MEN connection, which could have resulted in a serious electrical accident or death if a fault had occurred,” he said.

“Anyone participating in a regulated industry must take responsibility for understanding and complying with relevant laws, particularly when the consequences can be so serious.”


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05 Feb 2019

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