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Under the Gas Standards Act 1972 s.13E(3a), the Director of Energy Safety has adopted standards relating to the approval of Type A and Type B gas appliances.

The Western Australian Government Gazette No.45 published on 29 March 2022 details Standards that are to be used as a benchmark for both Type A and Type B gas appliances for the purpose of approval requirements as per s.13D(1) (Type A)  and s.13D(2) (Type B) of the Gas Standards Act 1972

This gazette replaces the previous notice “Technical and Safety Requirements for Type A Gas appliance” published in 2007 by the Director of Energy Safety at that time.

Improvement areas with the current notice:

  1. The list has been updated to reflect the latest approval standards.
  2. In particular, please note standards relating to Hydrogen Fuel cell:
  • AS 62282.3.100:2021 (Australian standard)
  • IEC 62282-4-101:2014 (International standard)
  • IEC 62282-5-100:2018 (International Standard)
  • SA TR 15916:2021  (Australian Standard)

This continues Building and Energy’s commitment to safety standards associated with new and emerging technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells.

To view the Government Gazette notice visit

Further information on how to obtain approval to sell, hire or use Type A (domestic or commercial) and Type B (large commercial and industrial) gas appliances in Western Australia can be found here.

For further information on regulatory advice on the safe installation of Hydrogen fuel cells and its approval requirements, contact Building and Energy.

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13 Apr 2022

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