Alarm raised over shed business with $347,000 in unfulfilled orders (Eco Sheds and Homes / Brian Trigg)

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  • Eco Sheds and Homes customers paid $382,000 but most received nothing
  • Two concrete pads the only work carried out and one shed partially supplied
  • Concrete sub-contractor claims to be owed $35,000

Consumer Protection has raised the alarm over a business that supplies and installs sheds and patios after WA consumers claim $347,000 worth of goods and services were not supplied, or work not carried out.

A warning has been issued against Brian Douglas Trigg, trading as Eco Sheds and Homes, with 23 consumers lodging complaints against the business in the past year claiming payments totalling $382,000 were made but most of the sheds and patios ordered were never supplied or installed. Individual amounts being claimed range from $2,386 to $63,893.

The majority of the complaints were received in December 2021 with most related to sheds and three of them related to patios. Only three customers in total received partial deliveries or installations. Affected customers are from both the Perth metropolitan and various regional areas.

In two cases only the concrete pads were laid but no shed or patio supplied. In a third case, a shed was supplied but was missing the glass door and windows.

A concrete sub-contractor has claimed that Eco Sheds and Homes has failed to pay their invoices for multiple concrete pads worth about $35,000.

The orders were made via the website which is still operating. The website states the business location as Wangara, however, invoices show a Gnangara address while the business name registration shows an address in Malaga.

It is an offence under the Australian Consumer Law for traders to accept payment for goods or services and then fail to supply them either within the agreed timeframe or, if not specified, within a reasonable time.

Executive Director for Consumer Protection Trish Blake said, considering the large amount of orders outstanding, consumers should avoid making any upfront payments to this business.

“I am alarmed that Eco Sheds and Homes has taken a significant amount of money from numerous consumers but failed to supply most of the sheds or patios as promised,” Ms Blake said.

“Eco Sheds and Homes appears to be a business that is struggling to meet its commitments, yet continues to accept payments for new orders while current orders remain unfulfilled.

“Our investigation into this trader continues and, if breaches of the Australian Consumer Law are identified, prosecution action may be taken.

“It’s concerning that many consumers paid the entire cost of purchasing and installing the sheds and patios upfront, leaving them vulnerable in situations like this when the work is not commenced or completed.

“Our recommendation is to pay a small deposit upfront and only pay the balance when the work is complete. For bigger jobs, payments can be made at various stages when certain work is completed or when materials are supplied.

“Anyone who is owed a refund for work not carried out and has yet to lodge a complaint, is urged to do so.”

Further complaints against Eco Sheds and Homes or Mr Trigg can be lodged on the Consumer Protection website. Enquiries can be made by email or by calling 1300 30 40 54.

Complaints can also be lodged with Building and Energy in relation to workmanship or home building work contract issues. Consumers are reminded that only a registered builder can carry out building work that is valued at $20,000 or more and requires a building permit. Similarly, a maximum deposit of 6.5 per cent is allowed for fixed-price home building contracts valued between $7,500 and $500,000 prior to work commencing.


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Brian Trigg of Eco Sheds and Homes (from Facebook)
Brian Trigg of Eco Sheds and Homes (from Facebook), by ahynd
Brian Trigg of Eco Sheds and Homes (from Facebook)


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02 Mar 2022

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