Alert to Perth motorists - fill up now to beat the petrol price rise

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Motorists in Perth and Mandurah are advised to fill up now if they need to, with petrol prices set to rise tomorrow. After today motorists will likely have to wait a week before petrol prices are again at the bottom of the price cycle.

FuelWatch reports that, from 6am tomorrow (Wednesday 25 October 2023), the average price of Perth’s regular unleaded petrol (ULP) will increase by 34 cents per litre (cpl) to 214.7 cpl with Caltex, Coles Express and BP hiking up to 225.9 cpl; EG Ampol up to 223.9 cpl; Puma up to 223.7 cpl; Ampol up to 221.9 cpl; United and 7-Eleven up to 219.9 cpl; and Vibe up to 219.5 cpl.

Despite the average hike tomorrow, there are still 36 individual sites offering prices below 180 cpl, so consumers should check the FuelWatch website to find the lowest price near them. Buying fuel from the cheapest site rather than the most expensive, a difference of 52 cpl, means motorists can potentially save $31 on a 60 litre tank.

Tuesday’s cheapest ULP is available for:

  • 176.9 cpl at Atlas Fuel Forrestfield, Atlas Fuel Midvale, FastFuel 24/7 (Forrestfield) and Petro Fuels Swan View in the East;
  • 173.7 cpl at Costco Casuarina (Costco sites are membership based) and Costco Perth Airport and 175.3 cpl at Burk Camillo and Vibe Ascot in the South; and
  • 174.8 cpl at Petro Fuels Bassendean in the North.

Wednesday’s cheapest ULP will be available for:

  • 176.9 cpl at Atlas Fuel Forrestfield and FastFuel 24/7 (Forrestfield) in the East;
  • 173.7 cpl at Costco Casuarina and Costco Perth Airport and 175.3 cpl at Burk Camillo, Vibe Ascot and Vibe Kwinana OPT in the South; and
  • 174.3 cpl at X Convenience Alkimos in the North.

To find the cheapest fuel at any time, check the mobile compatible site which features an interactive map. After 2.30pm each day both today’s and tomorrow’s prices are available. Also, get a daily update by subscribing to free email alerts or phone 1300 30 40 54. If you want to understand more about how FuelWatch works, go to



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24 Oct 2023

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