Commerce Minister media statement – Experienced mediator to oversee leaking pipes discussions

Media statement from Commerce Minister Sue Ellery

  • Main industry participants enter into mediation over leaking pipes in WA homes
  • The Hon John Chaney SC appointed by the parties to mediate an industry-led solution

Former Supreme Court Justice and President of the State Administrative Tribunal, the Hon John Chaney SC, has been appointed to oversee the mediation between builders and the manufacturer of polybutylene pipes, in a promising step towards securing an industry-led solution to leaking pipes installed in WA homes.

Following calls for mediation led by Minister for Commerce Sue Ellery, Fletcher Group and BGC have now entered into a mediation process facilitated by the Housing Industry Association.

The mediation process is independent of the Government and of the investigations being undertaken by the Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety Building and Energy and Consumer Protection Divisions.

Homeowners impacted by suspected leaking pipes are encouraged to continue to contact their builder in the first instance.

Homeowners whose building was completed within the past six years can lodge a building service complaint with Building and Energy.

Comments attributed to Commerce Minister Sue Ellery:

"The Cook Government acknowledges that this has been a distressing situation for families, and it's a matter we are taking seriously.

"I welcome this encouraging development and the agreement from builders to pursue an industry-led solution.

"We want to see the best outcome for consumers who have been affected by this and I am hopeful all parties will participate in good faith.

"I look forward to seeing the outcome from these ongoing discussions."


Building and Energy / Consumer Protection
Media release
07 Mar 2024

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