Consumers pay for motor vehicle parts that are not delivered (Gordon German / Green Oval Experience)

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Consumer Protection is warning WA consumers about a business that has taken orders for Land Rover parts but has failed to deliver.

Gordon German, trading as Green Oval Experience formerly operating as an auto parts store in Canning Vale, owes at least 15 customers a total of almost $50,000 in payments accepted for motor vehicle parts that have yet to be supplied.

Complaints against the business have been received for the past two years with customers paying two or three thousand dollars each for parts such as alloy wheels after making online purchases via the website and paying mostly by electronic bank transfer.

Mr German marketed himself on his website as experienced in driving 4-Wheel-Drive vehicles and training others about such vehicles. Before making payment, some consumers received detailed convincing information from Mr German via email on their queries relating to what parts would be most suitable for their vehicles. After making payment, delivery was promised within three months.

Attempts by the consumers to obtain the parts and attempts by Consumer Protection officers to resolve the complaints have been frustrated with Mr German being difficult to contact, making excuses for not taking action and generally being uncooperative.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection Penny Lipscombe said consumers should not have any dealings with Mr German or any business he is involved in.

“Mr German has shown little regard for the customers who are entitled to either receive their goods or receive a full refund,” Ms Lipscombe said.

“While we know of 15 people affected, we would like to hear from anyone else who has placed an order and still waiting for their delivery and has yet to make contact with us.”

Whilst the website and Mr German’s Facebook page appear to have been taken down, his Youtube channel is still operating and shows videos of 4-Wheel-Drive training events.

Affected consumers who have yet to make contact are urged to lodge an online complaint on the Consumer Protection website. Enquiries can be made by email or by calling 1300 30 40 54.


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26 Sep 2019

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