Motor vehicle repairer has certificate revoked for failing to meet condition (Stephen Jeffrey Sokol)

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A motor vehicle repairer has been disqualified from holding a certificate by the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) and ordered to pay costs of $500 after failing to meet an important condition placed on his certificate by Consumer Protection.

Stephen Jeffrey Sokol of Aveley had breached the Motor Vehicle Repairers Act by failing to comply with a condition to provide Consumer Protection with a current National Police Certificate by April of each year.

In April 2017, Mr Sokol was fined $1,000 and ordered to pay costs of $500 by the SAT for failing to comply with this condition on his repairer’s certificate.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard said it is imperative that licence and certificate holders comply with any conditions imposed.

“Licence and certificate holders need to show that they fulfil the criteria that allow them to be authorised repairers and must also abide by any special conditions that are imposed on either the granting or the renewal of the certificate,” Mr Hillyard said.

“The licensing system is designed to ensure that only fit and proper people work in the industry, with the aim of maintaining standards and protecting consumers.”

Consumers can check whether a motor vehicle repairer is licensed by doing a search on the Consumer Protection website:, or look for the distinctive yellow and black sign with the tick of approval displayed at their premises.

Unlicensed motor vehicle repairers can be reported by emailing or by calling 1300 30 40 54.


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21 Sep 2018

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