Notice of building company in administration: Builtoncorp Pty Ltd (reg. BC12114)

On 23 January 2017, building company Builtoncorp Pty Ltd (reg. BC12114) voluntarily appointed Jeremy Nipps and Dino Travaglini of Cor Cordis as administrators of the company.

Home owners who have entered into a home building work contract with Builtoncorp and have unfinished, faulty or unsatisfactory work may be covered by home indemnity insurance (HII). These home owners are advised to contact the company’s insurer for details of how to lodge an insurance claim via the contact details below.

Clients who are unsure if they are covered by HII or don’t have a copy of the HII policy are advised to contact the relevant local government authority to request a copy. Where applicable, a builder is required to provide the HII certificate to the local government as part of the building permit application.

Clients covered by a policy of HII who have paid deposits but work has not commenced are also advised to contact the company’s insurer via the contact details below.

The Building Commission understands that Builtoncorp has a number of incomplete multi-storey unit developments where apartments have been pre-sold off the plans. Such purchases are not covered by HII, so different arrangements apply. Consumers with off-the-plan contracts may be able to recover their deposits but this will depend on the type of property being purchased and the specifics of the contract. If a contract is for the purchase of a strata title or survey strata property deposits must be held in the trust account of a solicitor, real estate agent or settlement agent until a strata/survey strata plan has been registered with Landgate. Clients in this situation are advised to contact the administrator via the contact details below. Further information is provided in Consumer Protection’s online guide for off-the-plan buyers of land or property.

Anyone owed money by the builder, including subcontractors and suppliers, should contact the administrator and register as a creditor.

Insurer and administrator contact details and further information

Home indemnity insurer (QBE Insurance): Email, phone 1300 790 723 or visit the QBE website.

Administrator: Email (home owners) or (creditors), phone (08) 6220 3500 or visit the Cor Cordis website

Further information on the Building Commission website

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24 Jan 2017

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