Rogue car dealer Ventura Autos warned again after name change (Ventura Autos / Car Central)

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  • Second warning for Ventura Autos Pty Ltd, trading under different names such as Car Central, for continuing to sell unroadworthy vehicles
  • Ten further defect notices issued since first public warning in July 2023
  • Five further complaints received by Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection has issued a second public warning to car buyers in Western Australia, urging extra caution if considering purchasing from Ventura Autos Pty Ltd, a licenced dealer in Welshpool now operating under different trading names such as Car Central.

Despite an initial warning in July this year, Ventura Autos Pty Ltd directors James Jonathan Mentiplay and Clancy Tamlyn Mentiplay aka Clancy Arnott, continue to sell unroadworthy vehicles in breach of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

Since the first public warning in July 2023, Consumer Protection has received five further complaints, totalling 141 complaints and issued 10 further defect notices totalling 53 defect notices since 2016, for unroadworthy vehicles offered for sale by Ventura Autos Pty Ltd or other trading names such as Car Central.

The further 10 defect notices were issued at a recent compliance visit. Defects included cracked windscreens, non-compliant tyres and issues with seatbelts.

Under the ACL, the consumer guarantee of acceptable quality requires that a vehicle be roadworthy at the point of sale.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection Trish Blake is concerned that Ventura Autos Pty Ltd continues to sell unroadworthy vehicles, is now using different trading names and often refuses to engage with consumers to provide suitable remedies.

“After six compliance visits and a public warning, we would have expected Ventura Autos Pty Ltd to have changed their business practices,” Ms Blake said.

“Instead, it appears this business is now misleading consumers by using different names, including on social media, to sell unroadworthy vehicles.

“My message to car buyers is to please be very careful and exercise caution if thinking about buying a used car in person or online from Ventura Autos Pty Ltd or other names such as Car Central.”

Consumer Protection continues to investigate Ventura Autos Pty Ltd. If you have experienced any issues buying a vehicle from Ventura Autos Pty Ltd or Car Central, lodge a complaint with Consumer Protection by emailing or calling 1300 30 40 54.

All used car buyers are encouraged to use Consumer Protection’s used car buyer’s checklist to help avoid being taken for a ride. The checklist recommends an independent mechanical inspection to detect issues with any vehicle before you buy.

Consumers can download the checklist from the Consumer Protection website –



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05 Oct 2023

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