ServiceWA app upgrade to keep WA drivers informed of petrol prices

Tuesday, 7 June 2022

  • ServiceWA app upgrades will ensure users have easy access to FuelWatch
  • Interactive functionality and map will show fuel prices available near users
  • Next addition to ServiceWA app continues journey in redefining the way Western Australians interact with government services

The McGowan Government has updated its ServiceWA app to include FuelWatch, providing an easy to navigate, interactive map allowing users to find the best fuel price deal across Western Australia.

The addition of FuelWatch to the ServiceWA app is the next step toward redefining how Western Australians interact with government services in a digital world. The McGowan Government is exploring the inclusion of additional features, including:

  • SmartRider;
  • Seniors Card; and
  • Emergency notifications (via Emergency WA).

The ServiceWA app was launched in January, and first provided Western Australians a free, convenient and secure mobile application that played a major role in seeing WA through its Safe Transition phase, allowing people to show proof of vaccination, check in at businesses and venues, and access their G2G Pass for interstate travel.

With nearly all previous COVID-19 restrictions eased - the ServiceWA app will now transform and be expanded with new government services offered within the app.

The app continues to provide access to important COVID-19 information, including how to prepare your household for COVID-19, where to get tested and where to get vaccinated.

With nearly all previous COVID-19 restrictions eased, now is the best time for the app to expand its list of services.

The ServiceWA app has been downloaded over 1.2 million times, and the addition of FuelWatch will allow for users to conveniently access fuel prices when and where they need to. FuelWatch can still be accessed through its website:

For more information about the app visit the ServiceWA app or phone 13 33 WA (13 33 92).

ServiceWA can be downloaded from the following links:

Comments attributed to Innovation and ICT Minister Stephen Dawson:

"In the midst of the pandemic and to prepare for WA's Safe Transition, the McGowan Government delivered the convenient and secure ServiceWA app, with more than 933, 463 people now registered.

"As we continue to navigate COVID-19, it's important to further improve the ServiceWA app on a whole of government channel.

"The ServiceWA app is free, secure and convenient and will be expanded to provide Western Australians a one-stop digital location to interact with the State Government."

Comments attributed to Commerce Minister Roger Cook:

"As fuel prices continue to rise, the addition of FuelWatch to the ServiceWA app will allow WA families to ensure they are getting the best deals available across the State.

"The FuelWatch website has more than 1.5 million views each month, highlighting how important this service is across WA.

"I encourage all Western Australians to utilise FuelWatch on the ServiceWA app."

Innovation and ICT Minister's office - 6552 5800

Commerce Minister's office - 6552 6500

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07 Jun 2022

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