WorkSafe extends transition period for mines statutory positions

WorkSafe is extending the transition period to complete the mining statutory position certification from 30 March 2025 to 30 March 2026.

Under the Work Health and Safety (Mines) Regulations, statutory positions carry out specific functions at mining operations. They are classified into several categories, with different functions and obligations, levels of knowledge, experience, and formal qualifications. Some positions require statutory certificates.

These positions include site senior executives; exploration, underground, and quarry managers; electrical, underground, and statutory supervisors; mine air quality officers; and surveyors.

Following the commencement of the Work Health and Safety Act 2020 on 31 March 2022, workers who held an equivalent role under the previous mine safety legislation could be appointed to a statutory position for a three-year transition period. 

The transition period was set to end on 30 March 2025, but has now been extended to a four-year period that closes on 30 March 2026.

After this 2026 deadline, the person appointed must meet the eligibility criteria for their statutory position, including having passed any required examination. The extended transition period will ensure applicants can attend the relevant examination.

In addition, individuals appointed to surveying statutory positions are now required to be certified in work health and safety risk management. This brings surveyors in line with other statutory positions.

WorkSafe will provide specific information on expanded examination venues in the coming weeks. For more information on mining statutory positions visit: Mining statutory positions and certificates.

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14 Mar 2024

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