WorkSafe looks into security on construction sites

WorkSafe has commenced a proactive inspection program to look at site security issues on WA construction sites.

The inspection program will look at a number of randomly-selected sites across metropolitan and regional areas of the State throughout the 2024/25 financial year.

There have been incidents in which construction sites have been accessed by unauthorised persons, exposing them to serious hazards.\

Inspectors will examine the security measures in place to determine whether sites are suitably secured against unauthorised access and will also conduct general site inspections.

WA’s workplace health and safety laws require the person in control of a construction site to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that the workplace is secured from unauthorised access. If access cannot be prevented, the hazards within the workplace must be isolated.

General site inspections will include checking for compliance with work health and safety laws, with a focus on hazards associated with:

  • excavations;
  • slips, trips and falls, including falls from height;
  • temporary electrical installations;
  • partially constructed structures;
  • stored construction materials; and
  • plant and equipment.

Inspections will be conducted with the aid of a checklist to ensure consistency across all workplaces.

Acting WorkSafe Commissioner Sally North said the proactive inspection program aimed to assist employers in the construction industry to fulfil their responsibilities for the health and safety of workers and others at their sites.

“The primary goal of our proactive programs is to provide information and to collaboratively work towards a reduction in work-related injuries and illnesses in the industry sectors we target,” Ms North said.

“However, if our inspectors find non-compliance with work health and safety legislation, they will take appropriate action that could include the issuing of verbal directions or notices requiring the situation to be remedied.

“A wide range of safety issues may be present in the construction industry, and site security plays an important role in protecting the public from the hazards of a construction site.

“It’s our aim to make employers fully aware of the risks and supply them with information on the measures that can be put into place to lessen those risks.

“Employers are encouraged to download the Construction Site Security information sheet and checklist from the WorkSafe website in preparation for a possible inspection.”

WorkSafe has an extensive schedule of proactive inspection programs that closely examine safety issues in a wide range of industries and activities.

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Media release
09 Apr 2024

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