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Selling to the dealer

You can sell your vehicle directly to a licensed motor vehicle dealer for cash. Like selling your vehicle privately, you should try to get an idea beforehand what you think your vehicle is worth, to ensure you are satisfied with the result.

Check out a variety of motor vehicle dealers and what price they may offer you.

Selling a vehicle on consignment

Selling a vehicle on consignment means that you leave your vehicle with a licensed dealer to sell it on your behalf at an agreed price. The dealer claims a commission for the sale.

The motor vehicle dealer must adhere to the following conditions that apply to consignment sales:

  • All consignment contracts must be in writing and must contain certain regulated terms and conditions.
  • The consignment agreement must state in writing the amount which you should be paid.
  • The dealer can keep any money received from the sale in excess of the agreed amount to pay you.
  • If you sell your vehicle by consignment, the dealer must give you a copy of the consignment agreement immediately after the agreement is signed by the parties to it. All proceeds or money from any consignment sale must be held in a trust account.
  • The dealer may call you to get approval to conduct repairs prior to selling the vehicle.
  • The dealer must pay for all warranty repairs after the vehicle is sold.

Trading in when buying your new or used vehicle.

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