Termites and pest control

When you get a builder to construct your new home, you will be presented with a range of measures that can be taken against possible damage by termites (white ants).

Modified standards

In the past, most new homes were protected by spraying the sand pad with organochlorine chemicals. However, increased awareness about the effects of these chemicals on our health and the environment resulted in a decision by the Commonwealth Government, whereby organochlorines have not been available since 30 June 1995.

Pesticides which have replaced organochlorines are now available but may not be so effective in the longer term.

Effective termite control can now be based upon new methods or a combination of options.

Protection still required

The incidence of, or potential for, termite damage to homes has not been accurately determined, but both government and the building industry agree that the continuation of adequate control measures is essential to lessen the risk of serious structural damage. The Building Code of Australia requires that the structural components of every new building must be safe from termite attack.

Considerable research and development has been undertaken into a new range of effective alternatives to hand-spraying of pesticides. This has resulted in the introduction of some innovative and cost effective solutions.

However, no matter what option is selected, regular inspections of your home are essential.

Development of options

As a result of the changes to termite preventative measures, building industry associations and  local and State Government authorities worked together to address the issue, so that builders are now able to advise clients of a range of available options, the cost of each and their advantages and disadvantages.

In time, the list of alternative options is expected to widen further, due to the introduction and acceptance of new methods, standards and regulations.

Further information

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