Complaints about bullying, sexual assault or harassment

WorkSafe takes a systems based approach to the prevention of inappropriate workplace behaviours, such as bullying, harassment (including sexual harassment) and workplace violence/aggression (including sexual assault). If a breach is identified, WorkSafe may issue the employer an improvement notice requiring systems to be improved, or less commonly may take other enforcement action.

While WorkSafe focuses on the systems in place, we are able to investigate concerns more thoroughly if you choose not to be anonymous. If you wish to remain anonymous, we can still investigate the basic systems in place, such as policies, training/information and systems to report and resolve workplace behaviour issues.

WorkSafe General Industries  is not able to investigate all workplace behaviour issues reported. Priority will be given to cases where there is a current risk to the wellbeing of workers, and where the issue has been reported to the employer to give them an opportunity to address it. If a worker has left a workplace it is more difficult for WorkSafe to substantiate that a current hazard exists. WorkSafe Mines Safety investigates all workplace behaviour complaints within the scope of the WHS laws. 

The role of the WorkSafe Inspector

It is the role of the inspector to investigate to determine compliance with WHS laws, focusing on the systems in place.

WorkSafe is not able to provide financial compensation, legal advice, mediation, review the outcome of a workplace investigation, or require an apology or a disciplinary outcome.

Other agencies that may be able to help

Lodge a complaint

To lodge a complaint with WorkSafe in relation to workplace behaviours, please contact WorkSafe:

  • Call 1300 307 877 (during business hours)
  • Call 1800 678 198 (outside business hours – where urgent) or


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