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This page contains frequently asked questions relating to restricted asbestos licencing.

If the Restricted Asbestos Licence holder is not an individual person, is everyone who works for that entity required to hold a Restricted Asbestos Licence?

No. If the licence holder is a business entity, the licence holder must nominate at least one person who has the training and experience to properly supervise and manage non-friable asbestos work. This person does not necessarily have to hold a Restricted Asbestos Licence, but must be approved by the Commissioner as a competent person with appropriate training and experience. 

Appropriate training for asbestos removal work is:

  • Class A asbestos removal work - VET course Remove friable asbestos
  • Class B asbestos removal work - VET course Remove non-friable asbestos
  • Supervision of asbestos removal work - the VET course Supervise asbestos removal

Must the nominated supervisor be on site at all times?

The nominated supervisor for Class A removal work must be on site at all times during the asbestos removal work. The nominated supervisor for Class B removal work must be readily available.

Both Class A and Class B licence holders can have more than one nominated supervisor.

What documentation must be kept on site?

The licence holder must ensure that copies of the following documents are on site:

It is also a condition of the asbestos removal licence that certain documents are kept for a minimum of five years and produced on the request of a WorkSafe Inspector This is detailed in the conditions of the licence.


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