Role of WorkSafe

This information is designed to help WA organisations and their associated workforces (including volunteers) understand the role of WorkSafe.

What is the role of WorkSafe?

The WorkSafe Commissioner is the ‘regulator’ under the Work Health and Safety Act 2020 (the WHS Act). WorkSafe assists the regulator in the administration of the WHS Act. This includes the provision of inspectors and staff to secure compliance with the legislation.

WorkSafe has teams of inspectors for general industry, mining and petroleum sectors, and has specialised inspectors delivering health and safety advice covering matters like, psychosocial health, medical monitoring, engineering and occupational hygiene.

There is one WHS Act for almost all WA workplaces.

What powers do inspectors have?

Under the WHS Act, inspectors have powers to:

  • provide information and advice about how to comply with the WHS Act and regulations
  • enter workplaces to inspect, examine and make inquiries on work health and safety issues
  • require compliance with the WHS Act by issuing notices
  • review disputed provisional improvement notices (PINs)
  • inquire into breaches of the WHS Act
  • investigate serious incidents and work-related deaths that may lead to prosecution
  • research and report on matters relating to work health and safety, including particular hazards in industries or particular businesses or undertakings
  • promote safe and healthy work practices.

Information on the powers of inspectors in securing compliance, refer to the Overview of Western Australia's Work Health and Safety Act 2020.

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