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Check out WorkSafe’s range of videos. These videos are free to view and can be used by workplaces, people who are studying safety and health and for training and teaching purposes. 

General information

Hazard awareness

  • Managing the risk of falls at workplaces: Running time: 13:05 mins 
    Falling from one level to another is a major workplace hazard and is the most common cause of death from traumatic injuries in construction. Fall hazards occur in all industries and most fatalities occur from a relatively low height. It is vital to secure the health and safety of workers by undertaking adequate risk management.This film will show you how to identify fall hazards, assess the risks, control the risks, and implement and maintain controls.
  • Manual tasks: Running time: 11:32 mins
    This video will show you how to identify hazardous manual tasks, how to assess risks arising from hazardous manual tasks, and how to control the risk.
  • Asbestos: The Wittenoom Tragedy: Running Time: 13:31 mins
    This video includes the reflections of Dr Jim McNulty (former Commissioner for Health) concerning asbestos mining operations at Wittenoom which led to serious health problems for workers at the mine and residents in the town.
  • New to the job:  Running Time: 23:03 mins
    New to the job can be used as part of an induction program for new workers.

Safety awareness for mining

Videos in this section may be shared or downloaded from and distributed for educational purposes.

How workplace factors influence an incident

This video series focuses on a retrospective look at how we assess a job and why we make the decisions we make.

A day in the life of a safety and health representative

This video series focuses on the importance of safety and health representatives (SHReps) and the key roles they play in the consultation and promotion of safe work practices.

Traffic management

The fourth instalment of the Know your Hazards videos focus on the importance of traffic management and how safe systems, safe vehicles and safe people can contribute to a safe mining operation.

Pressing concerns

The third instalment of the Know Your Hazard videos on ‘Pressing concerns’ has a focus on the consequences of getting crushed, caught or trapped. Each of the videos features stories from people who have had serious accidents in the workplace and the consequences it has had on their professional and personal lives. We also examine the basic principles behind what you are doing so we can adopt safer work practices and better risk controls.

  • The first video focuses on the consequences of being crushed in the workplace
  • The second video looks at what can happen when someone is caught in rotating or moving machinery
  • The third video highlights the ramifications of being trapped within.

Being able to correctly identify hazards is the first step towards reducing the risk of accidents.

Down to earth

The set of two videos on ‘Down to Earth’ has a focus on falling from height.

The first video explains why falls from height – whether a stumble of a few centimetres or a fall of metres – can have serious outcomes. The perception of what heights are “safe” is challenged and the effect on the human body is explained.

The second video explores the potential social ramifications of a fall from height on a person’s career, relationships, hobbies and mental health, as well as their family and friends. Three people affected by the consequences of a fall from height at work generously share their stories to raise awareness of the impact of workplace accidents.

Raising the issue

The set of three videos on ‘Raising the issue’ has a focus on the following key areas of concern when dogging, rigging and lifting:

A toolbox presentation is available to assist with discussion of the videos. It looks at resources to raise awareness of lifting and rigging issues. This includes stored energy, gravitational potential energy and issues relating to mechanical handling.

WHS legislation guidance 

WHS guidance kits are resources that include short animations which can be used at health and safety meetings or toolbox meetings to raise awareness of responsibilities and duties under the Work Health and Safety laws.

Introducing WHS laws

Consultation and representation

Volunteers and WHS laws

Help videos

Mines safety reporting through SRS

Mines report through SRS allows users to lodge documents and data with the department electronically. This includes approvals, compliance, notifications, health and hygiene sampling information, levy assessment and licence and certification management. Some functions also enable customers to monitor the progress of their submissions and to upgrade and manage their licence details online.

Mines statutory positions portal (MSPP)

The department has developed help videos to assist candidates to navigate within the WHS Mines statutory positions portal. 

New videos will be added to these series as they are developed. 

Safe Work Month presentations




  • Think psychological
    Learn about DEMIRS' Triage function and how the Triage team are working to ensure a more effective and consistent process for prioritising and managing incoming reports.
  • Incident notification
    Focuses on the risk based management of psychosocial hazards.

Workplace health and safety

Mines health and safety

Petroleum health and safety


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