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The WorkSafe Mines Safety inspectorate has identified a trend of mine operators with a poor understanding of the requirement to develop a mine safety management system (MSMS), and mines that have not adequately implemented the MSMS. 

Current expectations for all mines

All mines were required to have a fully-developed MSMS by 31 March 2023. All required site-specific documentation, risk assessments, controls, structures, and statutory appointments should be fully documented with processes in place to implement the MSMS.

Where there is a common MSMS framework in place for mine operators with more than one mining operation, this framework must then be adapted for the specific hazards and risks at each mine site. A common or generic MSMS does not meet the requirements of managing hazards and risks across different workplaces.

Expectations by 31 March 2024

All mines must have a deployed and functioning MSMS by 31 March 2024. The framework and associated components must be fully implemented and operational.

The MSMS must be readily available to any worker at the mine and provided to allow workers to understand the hazards, risks, and controls that are in place to ensure they are not exposed to harm while at work.

The Mines Safety inspectorate will take regulatory action where appropriate in instances where it is identified that the MSMS has not been fully developed as required.

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08 Jan 2024

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