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Wageline’s new WA long service leave calculator is now available in the long service leave section of the Wageline website.

The WA long service leave calculator can provide an estimate of an employee’s long service leave entitlement when employment ends as a result of resignation, dismissal, death or redundancy.

The WA long service leave calculator is relevant to employees covered by the WA Long Service Leave Act 1958.  The Long Service Leave Act applies to most private sector WA full time, part time and casual employees, including employees covered by national modern awards.  

The new calculator complements Wageline’s existing comprehensive information on long service leave.  Visit the Long service leave page to access all of Wageline’s long service leave information or go direct to the WA long service leave calculator.

WA LSL calculator
WA LSL calculator, by crawlings
WA LSL calculator


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10 Jun 2020

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