Free-range egg labelling 2015 - 2018

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The Commonwealth government wants to hear your views on options to increase consumer certainty about egg labelling.


April 2018: New standard is applied.  Certain conditions must be met before eggs can be labeled or advertised as free range.  more information on the egg labelling page. 

15 November 2016 - the Federal Government Treasury released a "free range egg labelling information standard" consultation open until Friday 9 December 2016.  Stakeholders are encouraged to submit feedback on the compliance and technical aspects of the information standard and the accompanying explanatory statement. Electronic submission lodgement is preferred, although post will be accepted.   

Status: Closed Friday, 27 November 2015


The Commonwealth is undertaking this consultation process on behalf of the government agencies responsible for consumer affairs or fair trading in the Commonwealth, states and territories. The objective is to enhance consumer confidence and certainty regarding egg labelling, including to better ensure consumers are not misled by egg labels. Interested parties are invited to comment on the Free-Range Egg Labelling Consultation Paper.

Proposed changes 

The consultation paper outlines three broad policy options that are alternate ways to provide more detailed guidance to consumers and producers on the requirements for egg labels. The three policy options include:

  1. the status quo;
  2. an information standard for free-range eggs; and
  3. an information standard for all eggs.

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