Motor vehicle dealers and repairers law review 2013

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Review of laws affecting motor vehicle dealers and repairers in Western Australia

Status: Closed 15 November 2013

Consumer Protection is seeking the views of the community as part of a review of laws that regulate the motor vehicle industry in WA.

People involved in the industry and consumers are being urged to read the discussion paper and put in a submission so their views can be heard.


This discussion paper represents a vital first step in reviewing the laws which apply to motor vehicle dealers, sales representatives and motor vehicle repairers operating in Western Australia.

The regulation of motor vehicle dealers and repairers affects a large number of Western Australians, whether as business owners, employees or consumers. In addition, the motor vehicle dealing and repair industries are recognised as significant contributors to the Western Australian economy.

Ensuring the laws which regulate these industries are appropriate and operate in the interests of both consumers and industry is therefore very important.

The review provides a valuable opportunity to look at ways to improve and modernise the legislation and to ensure it remains relevant in the current marketplace. The review will also look to reduce unnecessary regulation and explore ways in which the red tape burden on business can be reduced.

In considering any changes to the legislation, care will be taken to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of the various options under consideration.

The review provides a vital opportunity to have your say about options for improving the way the industries are regulated.

Western Australians are highly reliant on their motor vehicles and spend a considerable proportion of their incomes purchasing and maintaining their motor vehicles. We are therefore very keen to hear from both consumers and industry participants.

Your input will assist in establishing the future policy direction in relation to the regulation of motor vehicle repairers and dealers.



Enquiries can be made by calling Consumer Protection on 1300 304 054 or by email.

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