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Have you seen an advert and felt it sounded too good to be true? We have created our own ads which help you see the tricks scammers use to lure you into losing confidence and money.

Heartbroken: Ripped off

Dating and social media sites can be fun but they are also places where con artists can lure you into a relationship so they can later ask for money. Always keep your financial details private, do not send money to someone you have not met or that your family or your friends cannot vouch for.

Read more about relationship fraud and WA Scamnet and WA Police's Project Sunbird.

Ripped off: Dating
Ripped off: Dating, by Strategic Development

Dating scam ads

Hi my love, Can’t wait to see you. Could you please help me with my airfare of $850 until I get paid? I’ll make sure you’re totally heart-broken and RIPPED OFF!

Puppy: Doesn't exist

Buying an item unseen always carries some risk. Try to verify who you are dealing with, get a telephone number, street address and full name, only pay a small deposit if requested and get someone independent to check the goods. Beware of ‘too good to be true offers’ and don’t wire transfer money.

Read more about puppy scams.

Ripped off: Puppy
Ripped off: Puppy, by Strategic Development

Puppy scam ads

Beautiful show quality black male labrador puppy including breeding history. Available now for immediate delivery. Only $400. Dog fully health checked and DOESN’T EXIST!

For Rent: Doesn't exist

More than ever, people are falling victim to rental scams. To avoid being scammed, always meet with the landlord or agent, physically inspect the property and never send money via wire transfer.

Read more about accommodation scams.

Ripped off:Rent
Ripped off:Rent, by Strategic Development

Rental property scam ads

For Rent: Fully furnished 3x2 house, swimming pool, A/con, close to transport, shops and ideal for students. Only $120 per/week. Exceptional value for something that DOESN’T EXIST!

Car: Ripped off!

There are many checks you should do before purchasing a car privately such as whether the seller owes any money on it. Use the ‘car buyers checklist’ and consider the benefits of getting your own mechanical check before you decide to buy.

Read more avoiding scams and knowing your rights when buying cars.

Ripped off: Car
Ripped off: Car, by Strategic Development

Car scam ads

Only selling it so cheap coz’ I’m going overseas. Just had it serviced so it runs like new. There are other things wrong with this car that I won’t tell you about and will make you feel completely RIPPED OFF!

Buyer beware: Helpless

Under the Australian Consumer Law, you have basic rights when buying products or services from a trader. If you feel you didn’t receive what you paid for investigate your rights. Remember, you do not have the same rights when buying from private sellers. Do your research carefully and never wire transfer money.

Read more about your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

Ripped off: ACL buyer beware
Ripped off: ACL buyer beware, by Strategic Development

Buyer beware

Being disappointed after having bought a product or service is just the way it is. As the saying goes, ‘buyer beware’. Now there’s nothing more you can do than simply feel frustrated, angry and HELPLESS!

Wire transfer: Ripped off!

Beware of anyone asking you send money via a wire transfer. Wire transfers are often used in scams as they are almost untraceable. If a seller insists on a wire transfer payment it is safer to find another trader.

There are many scams which request money by wire transfer.  Keep aware of current scams by subscribing to WA ScamNet alerts and read tips on how to fight back.

Ripped off: Wire transfer
Ripped off: Wire transfer, by Strategic Development

Wire transfer scam

I’m glad you like our product as it is a very good buy at this price. You managed to get the last one. Hurry! Act now and simply wire transfer your hard-earned money or you’ll miss this unique opportunity to be totally RIPPED OFF!

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