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Workplaces covered by the Work Health and Safety Mines Regulations have a requirement to notify the regulator of reportable incidents, including sexual harassment. More information is available in the Gendered violence: Notification of sexual harassment and/or assault to Mines Safety: Information sheet

Sexual harassment complaints

Notifications can be made without including the names of the persons involved. If you are not sure if an incident is notifiable, you are encouraged to contact WorkSafe for advice.

When a sexual assault complaint is lodged with WorkSafe Mines Safety, the investigation will focus on whether workplace duty holders (e.g. mine operators, PCBUs) have met their duties in terms of managing workplace risks that may affect the likelihood of workplace sexual assaults occurring.

The WA Police Force, if referred a sexual assault complaint, have the authority to investigate to prove or substantiate whether a sexual assault has happened, as they have specific laws that relate to criminal offences of this type.

Workers and other persons affected by workplace gendered violence can also report any incidents or concerns to WorkSafe on 1300 307 877 or email wscallcentre@dmirs.wa.gov.au

Report sexual harassment at your workplace onlineClick here to report sexual harassment

If you wish to speak to a WorkSafe Mine Safety inspector or make a complaint, please:

call 1300 307 877 (during business hours) 
call 1800 678 198 (outside business hours – where urgent)
email wscallcentre@dmirs.wa.gov.au

WorkSafe Mines Safety are aware that making a complaint about a traumatic event can be distressing and we aim to support you in making your complaint.

Sexual harassment evaluation tool for mine sites

This safe self-assessment questionnaire is designed to give you guidance and support after experiencing sexual harassment on a mine site.

Sexual harassment evaluation tool Click here to use the sexual harassment evaluation tool


When you talk with a WorkSafe Mines Safety inspector they will ask you if you wish to remain anonymous. There are a number of different ways this can be managed. You can remain completely anonymous or anonymous just to your workplace.

WorkSafe Mines Safety are still able to investigate your concerns where you wish to raise issues about a workplace but remain anonymous, but, will be limited to making enquiries about the basic systems in place, such as policies, training/information and systems to report and resolve workplace behaviour issues.

WorkSafe Mines Safety acknowledges and respects the affected person’s choices in terms of reporting the incident to their employer, the police, or to WorkSafe Mines Safety.

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