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The 1 July 2018 pay rates are now available on the Minimum pay rates for award free employees page and the WA award summaries page of the Wageline website. 

If you are covered by a WA award that does not have a Wageline summary, check the new rates in the award on the WA Industrial Relations Commission website when available or contact Wageline on 1300 655 266.

The state minimum wage for award free employees and all pay rates in WA awards have increased effective from the first pay period on or after 1 July 2018.

In early June the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission awarded an $18 per week increase in the state minimum wage for adult award free employees, lifting it to $726.90 per week. WA award rates of pay were also increased by $18 per week.

Junior rates and rates for apprentices and trainees were also increased proportionately.

This pay rate increase applies to only employers and employees in the state industrial relations system. It covers businesses which operate as:

  • sole traders (eg Jane Smith trading as Jane's Cafe)
  • unincorporated partnerships (eg Jane and Bob Smith trading as Jane's Cafe)
  • unincorporated trust arrangements (eg Jane and Bob Smith as trustees for Jane's Cafe)

If the business or organisation is in the national system visit the Fair Work Ombudsman website for information on pay rate increases from 1 July 2018.


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26 Jun 2018

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