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The Area and Scope and Definitions clauses of the state Farm Employees Award have been updated to expand the coverage of this WA award to a broader range of farm employees and their employers. 

This change, which is effective from 21 November2023, was made as part of a process being undertaken by the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission to update the scope of a number of private sector WA awards. 

The key change to the coverage of the Farm Employees Award is that it will now more broadly cover employers and employees in the farming industry, including:

  • the management, breeding, rearing or grazing of livestock or poultry, with livestock defined to include all animals used in primary production including fish, crustaceans and insects  
  • the shearing and crutching of sheep and the classing and pressing of wool on farms
  • hatchery work
  • the sowing, raising or harvesting of broadacre field crops and other crops grown as part of a broadacre mixed farming enterprise
  • the treatment of land for any of these purposes and clearing, fencing, well sinking, dam sinking or trenching on such farms or properties.

Additionally, the coverage of the Farm Employees Award is likely to be extended to the dairy industry at a later date.

The previous scope clause gave coverage only to employees who were employed on certain types of farm property.

Other amendments to the area and scope clauses ensure that the award:

  • applies to farm employees working for labour hire organisations;
  • does not apply to employers and employees in the national industrial relations system; and
  • applies to employers who are “connected to the State of Western Australia” and their employees while performing work covered by the award.

The Order varying the Farm Employees Award will be available on the  Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission website in due course.

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22 Nov 2023

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