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A common misconception about the employment of casual employees is that an employee can be a 'full time casual' or a 'permanent casual.'

A casual employee is an employee employed to work on an irregular basis with no expectation of ongoing work. There is no type of employment which is 'full time casual' or 'permanent casual.'

Employers need to be aware that if a casual employee is working regular and consistent hours each week, it is likely this employee should be considered either full time or part time, instead of casual. The consequences of getting this wrong can be costly for an employer who may be obligated to back pay an employee for unpaid leave entitlements they would have accrued had they been classified correctly.

To assist employers in determining whether an employee is full time, part time or casual, Wageline breaks down the difference between a casual and a permanent employee on the Types of employment arrangements page.

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23 Oct 2017

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