Industrial inspectors inspect employers in the Mandurah/Rockingham area

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During November, Private Sector Labour Relations industrial inspectors are conducting a proactive compliance campaign in the Mandurah/Rockingham area of WA.

The campaign focusses on inspecting businesses in industries with known high levels of non-compliance such as cafes and restaurants, hairdressers, beauty salons and retailers.

Private Sector Labour Relations is responsible for ensuring businesses in the State system comply with legal obligations regarding pay rates, leave entitlements and requirements to keep correct employment records.

During the campaign, inspectors will conduct unannounced inspections at businesses to talk to employers and employees, inspect available employment records and issue notices requiring the production of employment records for assessment.

On completion of the campaign, employers will be notified of the findings. If any breaches of State employment laws are identified, employers will be requested to rectify the breaches to ensure compliance. 

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22 Nov 2023

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