New resources launched to help combat wage theft

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Wageline today launched new resources on the Wageline website at to assist all WA employers and employees find the right information on their employment rights and obligations. 

The 2019 Inquiry into Wage Theft in Western Australia found one of the reasons wage theft occurs is a lack of knowledge of employment conditions by both workers and employers.

Wageline’s new resources help Western Australian workers with:

  • how to find the right information on pay rates and leave arrangements that apply to their job
  • how to check their pay and get help with underpayments

The website also helps small business employers with:

  • an overview of employment obligations 
  • how to find the right information on pay rates and leave obligations for their employees

These new resources complement the WA Government wage theft website at which assists Western Australia workers with how to seek help with resolving an underpayment issue or report wage theft anonymously.

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Department News
11 Dec 2020

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