Associations Incorporation Act consultation 2014

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Status: Closed.  

Electronic bulletin with key points for review.

Information on current legislation can be found at the State Law Publisher

The Associations Incorporation Act 1987 (the Act.) provides a framework of regulation for not-for-profit organisations such as sport and recreation clubs, societies and community groups in Western Australia, yet leaves the internal management of associations largely to the members. It allows an association to incorporate as a separate legal body and limits the liability of its members for lawful activities. The first state law of its kind was introduced in 1895.

The review of the Associations Incorporation Act is completed. The Department has consulted extensively with associations, whose feedback has formed the basis of a Bill that will make a number of changes to how associations are regulated. The Associations Incorporation Bill 2014 was tabled in the WA Parliament on 11 September 2014, and you can download a copy of the BillThe Bill completed its passage through the Legislative Assembly on 24 March 2015, and is currently awaiting consideration by the Legislative Council. 

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