Country of Origin Food Labelling Consultation - Department of Industry and Science 2016

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Status: CLOSED - Closes Friday 29th January 2016

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science is seeking feedback on possible improvements to Australia's country of labelling framework, including the impact of proposed changes. If you are a consumer or business with an interest in country of origin labelling, we encourage you to visit our consultation hub to review the consultation items and make a submission.  

Proposed Changes

The Australian Government is proposing a new system to deliver clearer and more consistent country of origin food labels without imposing excessive cost on industry. Proposed changes include

  • Clearer rules around when food labels can carry 'made in' or 'packed in' statements
  • Indication of the proportion of Australian ingredients by weight through a statement and a bar graph
  • Australia food to carry the familiar kangaroo symbol

Downloads and Documents

The Consultation Regulation Impact Statement and it's associated documents can be downloaded from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Consultation Hub.

Information Session

The Country of Origin Labelling Taskforce is hosting a series of information sessions in capital cities and regional centres. The purpose of the information sessions is to provide a greater understanding on the proposed changes.

An information session is being held in Perth on Tuesday 15 December, 9am to 11am in Canning Room, Adina Apartments, 33 Mounts Bay Road.

If you wish to attend one of these information sessions, please register your interest via the event page.


Enquiries are to be sent directly to the federal Department of Industry and Science via their website, email or phone 02 6276 1085

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