Manufacturer warranties

A warranty against defects is given by the manufacturer – it is commonly known as a 'manufacturer’s warranty'.

It says when you are entitled to a repair, replacement, refund or something else if the product has defects. These are additional to your legal rights to a refund, repair or replacement under consumer guarantees; not instead of.


  • Alex buys a barbecue that comes with a written warranty. The warranty says the manufacturer will replace the barbecue if it breaks within two years. This warranty is in addition to Alex’s rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

Warranty cards

In order to be able to make a claim under a written warranty, the manufacturer may require you to register the product by filling in and returning a warranty card. However, a manufacturer cannot always deny a claim because the product was not registered. If you have a receipt showing what the item is and when you purchased it, this will usually fulfil the same purpose as registering the product.

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