What goods are not covered by consumer guarantees?

You will not be covered by all of the consumer guarantees for goods:

  • bought before 1 January 2011. These are covered by laws that were in force before 1 January 2011 – contact us for more information;
  • bought from one-off sales by private sellers, such as garage sales and fêtes;
  • bought at auctions, where the auctioneer acts as agent for the owner;
  • costing more than $100,000* that a person would normally buy for business use – for example, machinery or equipment;
  • you buy to on-sell or re-supply;
  • you want to use, as part of a business, to:
    • manufacture or produce something else – for example, as an ingredient; or
    • repair or otherwise use on other goods or fixtures.

* post 1 July 2021 or $40,000 pre 1 July 2021.

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