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Private Sector Labour Relations (PSLR) is a division of the Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DEMIRS). 

We are responsible for regulating and promoting employer compliance with state employment laws, shaping and implementing labour relations policy and legislative reform in the state industrial relations system, and auditing suppliers to government to ensure compliance with employment obligations.

We assist private sector employers and employees from both the state and national industrial relations systems, as the Long Service Leave Act 1958 and Children and Community Services Act 2004 apply to both state and national system employers.

Find out more about the two systems of employment laws that operate for the private sector in WA.

PSLR is a proactive regulator. We take a responsive approach to combatting wage theft and investigating employee complaints about underpayments of entitlements, and we aim to:

  • ensure that employees are paid their correct entitlements under state employment laws;
  • promote a level playing field for Western Australian businesses, so that businesses underpaying employees do not gain a competitive advantage over businesses doing the right thing; and
  • foster confidence in the community that state employment laws are taken seriously and are enforced fairly and consistently.

As part of our compliance activities, PSLR industrial inspectors undertake targeted proactive compliance campaigns and audits to ensure compliance with state employment laws. Proactive compliance is intelligence-led and risk-based, targeting industries with known compliance issues and/or vulnerable workers. When appropriate, we also take enforcement action in the Industrial Magistrates Court for breaches of state employment laws.

PSLR is also the regulator for Western Australia’s child employment laws.  We provide information and undertake compliance activities under the Children and Community Services Act 2004

Find out more about PSLR’s compliance activities and Compliance and Enforcement Policy.

Through the Wageline service, PSLR provides information services focused on raising awareness of entitlements and building employer capacity for compliance with employment obligations.  

Our website provides comprehensive information on state awards and entitlements under state employment laws, including WA award summaries which provide pay rates for key industries. 

We communicate through social media (find us at WagelineWA on Facebook, Instagram and X) and Wageline News email newsletter. 

Find out how to get information and stay informed with Wageline

The Supplier Wage Audit (SWA) unit in PSLR was established in 2022 and is responsible for auditing suppliers to government to ensure compliance with employment obligations under applicable industrial laws and instruments. The SWA is authorised to conduct audits to verify compliance and refer any non-compliance to the appropriate regulator.  

Find out more about the SWA.

PSLR also deals with policy and legislative matters for the state industrial relations system and provides advice to the State Government on framework and reform issues at the state and national levels.

We administer WA’s public holiday under the Public and Bank Holidays Act 1972. PSLR represent the State Government in matters before the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission and the Fair Work Commission, including the Annual Wage Review and State Wage Case, award updating and any General Order matters.

Please explore our website to find out more about how we can assist you.

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