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Wageline’s explainer videos are for WA employers and employees seeking information on employment rights and obligations under state employment law. 

These videos are embedded in the relevant content pages, or you can watch all the videos here.

Which system of employment law applies?

Two systems of employment law operate for the private sector in WA. This video explains which types of businesses or organisations and their employees are in each system and where to get the right employment information.


Long service leave when business ownership changes

Under the WA Long Service leave Act, if a new employer buys or takes over a business, and retains the existing employees, the employer will take on all the long service leave obligations for those employees. Watch the video for details.


Long service leave when employment ends

This video outlines that under the WA Long Service Leave Act, after 7 years of continuous employment an employee may have an entitlement to payment of long service leave when their employment ends due to resignation, dismissal, redundancy or if the employee dies. 


Understanding continuous employment for long service leave

An employee’s entitlement to long service depends on the length of their continuous employment with the same employer. This video discusses continuous employment under the WA Long Service Leave Act and the types of absences that do and do not count towards a period of continuous employment.


How to report wage theft

This video explains that Western Australian workers can find out how to report underpayments of wages or employment entitlements online via the Report Wage Theft in Western Australia website.


Finding the right pay rates – a guide for state system employers and employees

This video helps employers and employees in the state industrial relations system find the legal minimum rates of pay for a particular job.

Understanding WA awards

Many employees in the state industrial relations system are covered by WA awards, which set pay rates and working arrangements for employees in a particular industry or occupation. Watch this video to learn about WA awards.



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