Casual workers

In Western Australia, the occupational safety and health law requires that a high standard of safety must be provided at your workplace to prevent you from being injured or harmed, even if you will only be working at the place for a short time.
Making workplaces safer relies upon the employer and workers working together.

Employers have a responsibility to provide you with a safe workplace, as far as practicable. As a worker, you also have a duty of care, under the law, to work safely and not affect the safety and health of others.

The law also requires the employer to consider the individual needs of workers in providing a safe workplace. For example, they must consider what safety and health information, training and personal protective clothing and equipment you will need so that you can work safely for the time you are at the workplace.

Safety at the workplace

As part of your employer’s duty to provide a safe workplace, the employer must provide:

  • safe work procedures for your particular job so you are not exposed to hazards;
  • safety information and training;
  • emergency procedures; and 
  • if you are working alone and/or in isolated areas, a procedure for checking that you are safe and a way for you to call for help in emergencies.

As a casual worker, you can participate in ensuring safety and health at your workplace by:

  • talking directly with your employer, supervisor and co-workers about any concerns or questions you may have; 
  • notifying the supervisor or employer about any hazards or injuries or potential ones;
  • participating in training on any procedures that you don’t know; 
  • where required, requesting information and training be provided; and 
  • raising issues with your safety and health representatives or a safety and health committee, where they are available.

WorkSafe has an information centre that you can contact if you have a concern about safety and health or require information. You can ask that your enquiry remains confidential and that your details are not given to anyone. The telephone number is 1300 307 877.

Wages and conditions

In Western Australia, employees have the right to a minimum wage and minimum conditions of employment. These rights are protected by law. If you want to find out what the pay and conditions should be for a job, call Wageline. Your call will be confidential. The telephone number is 1300 655 266. If you don’t speak English, call the translating and interpreting service on 13 14 50 for help with your call to Wageline. This is a free service.

If the business is a Pty Ltd company contact the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94, unless the enquiry is about the employment of children or long service leave, in which case call WageLine on 1300 655 266.


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