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Under the WHS PAGEO regulations no work is permitted on a facility or operation unless the nomination of an operator has been accepted by the regulator and the nominated operator has been added to the register being maintained by the regulator [r. 20].

It should be noted that this requirement over-rides any previous registration of operators that may have taken place when applying for pipeline licences etc.

Before completing the nomination the nominator must ensure that the nominee accepts the nomination and that they do, or will have, day-to-day control of the facility for which they are being nominated.

Who is responsible for the submission?

Nomination of an operator of a facility under the WHS PAGEO regulations can be done by:

  • the owner, charterer or lessee of a facility, or
  • the holder of a petroleum title or a geothermal title (including a pipeline licence), or
  • a person approved by the BI Act Minister under the Barrow Island Act 2003 section 13(1) [rr. 21(2)(a-c)].

What information is required?

Details required to be included in the written nomination are:

  • the nominee’s name and contact details, including
    • business address
    • telephone number during business hours
    • telephone number outside business hours
  • the nominee’s ABN (or if the nominee does not have an ABN include ACN, ARBN OR ARSN) if applicable
  • the nominee’s written consent to the nomination
  • the name of the facility the subject of the nomination
  • a short description of the facility the subject of the nomination
  • the name and position of an officer of the nominee with sufficient authority to warrant, on behalf of the nominee, that the nominee has day-to-day management and control at the facility

How to submit?

Once the application form has been completed, submit to the regulator via email to

Nomination of an operator: Guide

This guide has an operations focus and is set out in the context of risk assessment and legislative requirements of all responsible persons.

Download the guide

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