What kinds of plant design or alteration to plant design requires registration?

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Schedule 5 Division 1 of the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2022 (Regulations) require the design and alterations to design of the following kinds of plant to be registered. [Regulations Schedule 5 Division 1]

  • Pressure equipment, other than pressure piping, and categorised as hazard level A, B, C or D according to the criteria in Section 2.1 of AS 4343:2014 (Pressure equipment — Hazard levels).
  • Gas cylinders covered by Section 1 of AS 2030.1:2009 (Gas cylinders — General requirements).
  • Tower cranes including self-erecting tower cranes.
  • Lifts and escalators and moving walkways.
  • Building maintenance units.
  • Hoists with a platform movement exceeding 2.4 metres, designed to lift people.
  • Work boxes designed to be suspended from cranes.
  • Amusement devices classified by Section 2.1 of AS 3533.1:2009 (Amusement rides and devices — Design and construction), except the following:
    • Class 1 devices;
    • Playground devices;
    • Water slides where water facilitates patrons to slide easily, predominantly under gravity, along a static structure;
    • Wave generators where patrons do not come into contact with the parts of machinery used for generating water waves;
    • Inflatable devices, other than inflatable devices (continuously blown) with a platform height of 3 metres or more.
  • Passenger ropeways.
  • Concrete placing booms.
  • Prefabricated scaffolding.
  • Boom-type elevating work platforms.
  • Gantry cranes with a safe working load greater than 5 tonnes or bridge cranes with a safe working load of greater than 10 tonnes, and any gantry crane or bridge crane which is designed to handle molten metal or dangerous goods.
  • Vehicle hoists.
  • Mast climbing work platforms
  • Mobile cranes with a rated capacity of greater than 10 tonnes.

The following are items of plant that do not require design registration as listed in Schedule 5:

  • A heritage boiler; or any pressure equipment (other than a gas cylinder) excluded from the scope of AS/NZS 1200:2015 (Pressure equipment); or
  • A crane or hoist that is manually powered; or
  • A reach stacker; or
  • An elevating work platform that is a scissor lift or a vertically moving platform; or
  • A tow truck.

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