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Land valuers licensing, registration and code of conduct

The land valuation involves inspecting the property, ascertaining legal ownership and the interest held and gathering relevant information such as the prices similar properties sell for.

Other factors come into the valuation, such as the saleability of the property or its value for mortgage purposes. Land valuers provide valuations of many different types of real property such as residential, commercial, industrial, rural and horticultural properties.

Licensing information kit

Code of Conduct Land Valuers

Applying for a land valuers licence

Please include the following with your application form and associated fee.

Proof of your qualifications

Category 1: If you are applying for a licence as a member of the Australian Property Institute (API), please attach:

  • evidence of associate or fellow membership of the API with the designation Certified Practising Valuer; and
  • confirmation in writing from the API that you are currently a financial member.

Category 2: If you are applying for a licence as holding a prescribed degree, certificate or other award plus practical experience, please attach:

  • a letter from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) confirming current membership as a general practice, valuation or commercial property surveyor; or a copy of a relevant educational qualification from the Division 1 list of Degrees or Division 2 list of Diplomas, prescribed in Schedule 1A of the Land Valuers Licensing Regulations 1979 
  • written confirmation from your employer or supervising licensed valuer regarding your practical experience in the valuation of land for a period of 2 years immediately preceding  the date of the application and a total of not less than 4 years’ satisfactory practical experience in the valuation of land within the period of 10 years immediately preceding the date of the application.

Category 3: If you are applying for a licence having held a licence within the past five years, please attach a copy of your previous licence.

For more information regarding the accepted qualifications please refer to the application requirements.


You must provide two independent business references which attest to your good character and reputation. These references must be in the pro forma.  At least one referee must be a land valuer licensedin Western Australia.  References from relatives or partners will not be accepted. 

Police check

You must provide an Australian police check in your full legal name that is less than three (3) months old.

To obtain a police certificate in other States or Territories, please contact the relevant agency listed below:

Mutual recognition

If you are registered or licensed as a land valuer elsewhere in Australia or New Zealand, and want to be registered in Western Australia, you can find out more information about having your licence recognised in WA.

Renewing a land valuers licence

Land valuer licences are valid for three years from the date of first grant or last renewal.

Timeframes to renew

While it is your responsibility to ensure your licence is renewed at the appropriate time Consumer Protection will send a reminder notice prior to the end of your current licence period as a courtesy . You can check the expiry date of your licence by referring to the licence certificate.

If you intend to continue to operate for a further three-year period, you are required to lodge a renewal application with Consumer Protection. Please note, a late fee is payable for applications lodged within 28 days after the date a licence expired (the grace period).

Renewal applications received after the grace period cannot be considered. Failure to renew in time will result in the expiration of your licence. You must cease all valuation activities immediately and apply for a new licence to continue as a licensed land valuer. Only if you are granted a new licence will you be permitted to recommence carrying out the duties of a land valuer in Western Australia.

In light of the above, Consumer Protection encourages you to submit your renewal application at least one month before the expiry of your current licence.

Application requirements for renewal of licence

  • Application for Renewal of Licence.
  • The prescribed fee, including the late penalty fee if the application is lodged after but within 28 days of the expiry date of your licence.
  • An original National Police Certificate not more than three months old.

Change of name

If a licence holder legally changes their name, they must provide a copy of their name change document (or marriage certificate) as well as a copy of their photographic identification in their new name.

Written notice and relevant supporting documentation should be submitted by email. There is no application fee. A new licence/certificate will be sent to your nominated postal address.

Unlicensed trading

Unlicensed land valuers who falsely claim to be, or imply they are, a licensed valuer, or demand or receive payment as a valuer are liable for a $100,000 penalty.


For further information or assistance contact licensing by Phone: 1300 30 40 64 or email.

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