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Motor industry

Interstate salespeople coming to WA to carry out sales activities for trade events and expos for a short term must be licensed to carry out that work on behalf of a licensed dealer. To satisfy the knowledge requirements for the grant of a licence you will be required to undertake the motor vehicle salespersons licensing requirements course conducted by an accepted Registered Training Organisation (RTO) prior to the application being considered.

If you intend to undertake the course via correspondence through the Motor Trade Association of WA and you hold membership in an affiliated association in your home State/Territory, MTAWA has agreed to provide the course at member rates. For more information about this offer please contact the MTAWA on be 9233 9800.

For the complete list of accepted RTOs please refer to the motor vehicle industry training page.

Want to apply for a special occasion permit?

You must apply at least 7 days prior to the special occasion.

Special occasion application form and information


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