Carer's leave entitlements for state system employees

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Employees in the state industrial relations system have an entitlement to carers leave from the Minimum Conditions of Employment Act 1993.

A full time or part time employee is entitled to use paid sick leave to care for a member of their family or household who is injured or ill.

In the first year of employment, a full time or part time employee can use any paid sick leave that he or she has accrued to date for caring purposes.

In the second and subsequent years of employment, a full time employee can only use a maximum of 76 hours of their accrued sick leave entitlement for caring purposes, or a part time employee the relevant proportion of 76 hours based on their ordinary hours of work.

An employee is entitled to up to two days of unpaid carer's leave per occasion if an employee does not have sufficient paid leave accrued or has exceeded the maximum amount of carer's leave that can be taken in any 12 month period.

Casual employees can access up to two day's unpaid carer's leave per occasion.

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26 Jul 2017

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